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Bogart Estate Neo-noir on IndieGogo

A very quick post to point out a worthy – and fun – campaign on IndieGogo.

The Estate of Humphrey Bogart produced an independent noir movie called This Last Lonely Place.


Now they are financing the launch and distribution of the film through a crowdfunding.
The gist of the thing – you shell out 8 bucks, you watch the movie in streaming, or download it before its release.

You pledge more, you get a cartload of perks.

But check out the campaign – it’s quite interesting.


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The other influential books

bad-business-booksSo, ok, you know the story about the ten books that influenced our lives and all that.
My friend Claire, being complicated*, made two lists – she rightly observed that if there’s some books that influenced our lives because we loved ‘em, it’s also true there some books that pushed us in certain directions because we… well, because we loathed them.

So, can I put together a similar list?
Books that made me what I am because I did not like them?
I’m not sure I can make it to ten, so I’ll stop at five.

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Small kingdom, great book

armchair-series-hidden-bhutanArmchair Traveler is a publisher that promises to drain my meager resources in the next few months. An imprint of Haus Publishing, they have an extensive catalog of travel books and travel memoirs.
I’m currently reading Martin Uitz’s Hidden Bhutan: Entering the Kingdon of the Thunder Dragon, that they published in 2008.

Austrian Uitz was a travel writer, tour guide and mountaineer – he died in 2007,aged 55, from a heart hailment, and the book (originally written in German) was published as a commemoration to his travels and achievements. Continue reading


OK, sorry but I have to share this.
I just got the best review ever on Amazon…

I can’t understand the enthusiasm of the previous reviews, the text is too short for an evaluation. Yeah, sure, it seems to be well written, but what evaluation can I make??

And so he went and gave it a One-star rating.

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Film Noir Foundation

269811_300And so I went and blew twenty bucks and made a donation to the Film Noir Foundation.
These guys love noir movies as much as I do, and they are committed to the preservation of the old classics.

It is our mission to find and preserve films in danger of being lost or irreparably damaged, and to ensure that high quality prints of these classic films remain in circulation for theatrical exhibition to future generations.

Which is cool. Continue reading

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The Treasure of Quetzalcoatl

Sunday, we go to the movies!
Or the movies come to us.

This delightful little movie is called Sophie’s Fortune – The Treasure of Quetzalcoatl.
It was produced in the UK for 2000£ (!!!) and it is marvelous.



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