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Taking a hike


Owen J. Lattimore did it the old way in Turkestan.

A few posts back, I mentioned watching the sky as a probably normal practice of ancient travelers.
Travel in the ancient world (and not so ancient, now that I think about it) was done on foot.
Even if merchandise and goods traveled on the back of camels or horses, humans normally went on foot.
Walking is a way of going that’s close to the territory, it’s slow and tiresome.
It’s something else.

Now I was talking about health, and getting back in shape (or at least try to), a few days back, with my friend Claire, and she suggested Nordic Walking as a soft, pleasant activity.
I pointed out that here, among the savage hills of Astigianistan, finding people to go hiking together might be a problem – the standard leisure activity hereabouts is sitting in front of the bar, gossiping. Continue reading

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Join the Party!

1c2da034e4b54598aeed1af67cf2ec2fThe launch party for The Hand of Isfet is about to begin.

You can join the party by directing your browser to the Facebook page for the event.

Loathe Facebook?
Follow our weird shenanigans on Twitter by using the hashtags #handofisfet and #aculeoandamunet.

Twitter revolts you and Facebook gives you the creeps?
Well, leave us a line here in the comments to this post.

The Hand of Isfet is the new collection of sword & sorcery stories featuring Aculeo and Amunet, the (unlikely) heroes of Bride of the Swamp God and Lair of the White Ape.

Come join the party – it will be fun: we have no idea of what we are doing!

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Singapore … or Istanbul

NCPortland2014Very short video today – I was discussing noir with my friend Lucy a few hours back.
One thing led to another and we checked the program of the Noir City Portland event that’s taking place in this weekend.
Yes, we sighed a lot, and lamented the fact that we live at the borders of the empire and all that.

On the festival website I saw the poster for this 1947 exotic film noir.
Featuring gorgeous Ava Gardner.

Now I’ll have to track down a copy – and maybe start talking about old noirs here on Karavansara.
But for the time being… enjoy!

But wait! Continue reading


The story of the guy that opened a pub

desert_road_near_wakra__qatar_by_giardqatar-d4m6fkbIt’s been a bad few days, with more bad days to come.
And as you’re reading this, my Italian-language blog is officially on indefinite hiatus.

It’s been a painful decision – strategie evolutive has been around for seven years, and it has sometimes been my home much more than the physical places in which I have lived.
It’s been fun, but it was not fun anymore. Continue reading

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Talk like a pirate!

PiratePrimerHoy, cammarados!
Now stab me if it ain’t the bawcocky Talk Like a Pirate Day, on this nineteenth of September in the year of Our Lord 2014!

This being so, methinks I’ll make ya savvy ’bout a nice fine book that will leran you the pirate lingo proper.

Mark this, The Pirate Primer, by the esteemed George Choundas, printed by the Writer’s Digest Books press and sold by pamphlet peddlers and book-stalls everywhere along the Main.
Good solid hardback, this, well worth your silver.
470 pages of Oaths, Commands, Epithets and assorted piratical lingo, with grammar and notes, serious enough to be good reference for pen-pushers, fun enough for common ruffians looking for a good time.

I reccommend it, heartily.
And with this, I wish you a very fine day, and good luck to ‘ee.

Oh, yessir, and Arrgh!


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